sHDR Imaging Products/Services

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a technique that extends the dynamic range of a camera system so that both very bright objects and very dark objects can be seen clearly within a single image without image saturation.

Standard camera set to capture the background. Flame saturates bright.

Standard camera set to capture the flame. Background saturates dark.

Properly exposed HDR image

Thru a NASA-funded SBIR Phase II project, I2R developed the capability to generate high speed color extreme high dynamic range video – Color-XHDR for rocket engine testing, launch monitoring and other applications.


I2R’s Color-XHDR imagery provides more than a visually pleasing video. Because the camera system is calibrated, engineering information such as color temperature, and particle trajectories can be extracted.

I2R provides customers with:

• Color-XHDR imaging services

• Custom Color-XHDR camera systems