Custom UAV Products/Services

I2R provides custom UAV products and services to scientists, environmentalists, engineers, educators and first responders who require accurate ultra-high resolution imagery.

I2R UAV products and services include:

• Image products from fixed wing and rotary UAVs using calibrated cameras

• Customized training on how to fly UAVs and obtain high quality mapping products

• Custom UAV hardware solutions

• New products and information streams from imagery acquired from UAVs

Image Products include:

• Aerial mapping with color (RGB), near-IR (NGB), and thermal (TIR) imagery

• Video capture with high definition (HD) 1080p video cameras

• Single georeferenced images

• 3D Digital elevation models (DEMs)

• High resolution Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps

High resolution Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) image processed from NGB/RGB UAV imagery

I2R offers technology consulting and training to clients interested in standing up their own UAV imaging capability within their own business operation or educational environment.