Custom Integrating Spheres and Calibration Sources

Imaging systems such as cameras, remote sensing systems, and spectroradiometers must be calibrated. This calibration includes relative and absolute radiometric phases which require the use of an integrating sphere to produce a uniform light source. I2R builds high quality integrating spheres with NIST traceable spectrometers for light level monitoring. These spheres are useful in camera and spectrometer calibration over visible through near-infrared spectral region. Illumination of these spheres is controlled by I2R programmed LED devices.

I2R builds spheres for all needs ̶ from 5 cm radius spheres for cameras in small hand-held devices to 1+ m radius spheres for large format aerial digital cameras.

Products available from I2R:

• Fully equipped integrating spheres, in all sizes, with NIST traceable spectrometers

• Calibration services for customers who would rather outsource that process

• Paint which is highly reflective in the broad spectrum to work over all frequencies, visible or not