Remote Sensing Image Quality Improvement Services

I2R provides image processing algorithms and services to improve the quality and usefulness of acquired imagery. I2R works with clients to and develop and customize algorithms into larger workflows. Panchromatic, multispectral and hyperspectral algorithms have been developed in the UV through thermal IR for small consumer grade cameras to satellite remote sensing systems.

I2R improved image quality capabilities and tools include:

• Radiometric Triangulation – a technique that stitches together individual image frames into one continuous large mosaic without seams or boundaries

• Atmospheric Correction – a technique that removes the atmosphere from remotely sensed imagery to generate surface-leaving radiance or reflectance

• Noise Reduction - the process of reducing the noise within an image without introducing blur or removing signal information using custom filters.

• Artifact Removal – the process of removing aperture shadows or other optical system/focal plane array artifacts within an image without destroying image content.

I2R is in the forefront of low light level / night imaging and supports calibration and image information extraction from night imaging systems.