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UAV Image Operations: Consultation & Training

To introduce interested companies to the value and application of these high quality image products, I2R provides capability demonstrations and consultations with potential clients interested in adding high quality UAV imagery to their existing business models. Potential areas of impact for UAV imaging are industrial or construction site mapping, environmental monitoring, tower inspections, infrastructure inspections, baseline or post-disaster site assessments over inaccessible areas, emergency response, and search and rescue. I2R has currently been working with the Civil Air Patrol to integrate this technology into their search and rescue operations.

In addition to providing services using I2R’s systems, the company also offers technology
consulting and training to clients interested in understanding what would be required
to stand up their own UAV imaging capability within their own business operation. Systems based on a focused needs assessment for each client can be designed and lab/field tested for optimal performance with quality imaging results.

I2R Provides:
I2R can meet with you or your team to outline and discuss the potential benefits that UAV imaging could bring to your workflow.
I2R can consult with clients interested in standing up their own UAV imaging operation and offers full flight and imaging training to ensure safe quality operations under the current FAA guidelines.

For more information, please contact:
(228) 688-2570