UAV Environmental Imaging & Geospatial Product Generation

UAV Environmental Imaging:

I2R’s UAV imaging systems can be flown over environmental monitoring or reconnaissance areas with very good mission repeatability at very high (<1”) resolutions. This can equate to species/feature identification at scales previously not achievable through standard aerial photography or satellite imagery. Using the imagery from the dual RGB/NGB cameras on I2R’s UAVs, vegetation indices, classifications, and other valuable analysis products can be generated at ultra high resolution scales.

GeoSpatial Product Generation:

Our UAV systems capture and record all telemetry data of flight missions flown including GPS data from the onboard navigation GPS used by the flight controller. This GPS data allows for rapid post mission geotagging of the images gathered during flight for creation of geospatial products such as orthorectified image mosaics and digital elevation models (DEMs). I2R uses state of the art geoprocessing software in a proven workflow to ensure the accuracy of these high resolution products.  Ground control points(GCPs) are usually recommended to be taken for each mission requiring greater degrees of absolute accuracy, but other methods may be employed if  ground control is not viable due to area access or safety issues.

High resolution Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) image processed from NGB/RGB UAV imagery.

I2R Provides:

  • High resolution orthophotos
  • High resolution DEMs
  • Secondary image products such as NDVI, NGB, NGR, contour or hypsographic elevation models

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