UAV Aerial Mapping & Video Capture

UAV Aerial Mapping:

I2R UAV’s are outfitted with single (RGB) or dual (RGB/NGB) camera configurations for rapidly gathering aerial images to be used in the creation of image map mosaics over your area of interest. We have a well-tested, in-house image processing workflow that can produce georeferenced GIS-ready image products in as little as 1 hour after mission completion. (depending upon size of mission/number of images)

Video Capture:

I2R UAV’s can also be flown with our high definition 1080p video camera to capture amazing video coverage of your area or item of interest. Video can be acquired by manual flight with  direction aided by a live first person view (FPV) camera that feeds video back to an LCD monitor on the ground or automated flight with many pre-selected flight pattern options possible for loading onto the UAV flight controller. Automatic flight around buildings or structures such as water towers can be pre-planned and executed with precision to capture the structure from all angles in high resolution for inspection or maintenance purposes.

I2R Provides:

I2R can meet with you to discuss UAV imaging capabilities and the best mission prescription to gather the information that you need over your area of interest. Missions can be designed and reviewed before flying to assure you get the coverage you need with the image data you want. Products available include single images, image mosaic maps, KML image location files for clickable points on a map that call up your images, and various near-infrared image index products such as NDVI, or NGB images. For video missions, a pre-planning mission flight path can be shared with you for viewing in Google Earth or other geo-browsers to assure mission success for the products you need. Products available include HD video up to 1080p with up to 60 fps as an option for slow motion production or individual frame product extraction for inspection or other purposes. Sizes and formats for web or presentations are also available.

For more information, please contact:
(228) 688-2570