Sensor Simulation

Sensor requirements are often driven by technology maturity rather than applications. Selected characteristics such as spectral bands, ground sample distance (GSD) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) affect the types of applications for which a sensor can be used.  These sensor attributes also drive the cost of sensor development. 

Sensor simulation is the process of systematically simulating data sets with various characteristics from higher spatial or spectral resolution data sets.  By simulating target properties, sensor developers and end-users can evaluate data sets, and determine the point at which improved requirements produce limited returns.  Simulation also allows data sets to be tested and optimized for various applications.

I2R has a simulation software toolboxes and expertise to perform data simulations for a number of different sensor requirements.

  • Ability to parametrically vary key data parameters
  • Simulated data can be evaluated by potential users and developers
  • Data and sensor design can be optimized to meet customer needs and cost constraints

I2R provides:

  • Simulated data sets meeting defined spectral, spatial (GSD and blur) and/or noise requirements or parametrically varied produced from high spatial resolution, hyperspectral aerial data
  • Simulated data sets output in any common image format
  • Simulated data sets or application evaluation results

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