Low Light Imaging

Traditional visible and near-infrared imaging is taken under bright illumination conditions. Extending the ability to image under low light conditions allows imaging at sunrise and sunset, at twilight, under artificial illumination, or with some cloud cover.  This would aid in disaster response, monitoring activity, measuring power usage, etc.

Digital sensors can be very sensitive, and I2R can further extend the operational envelope of these sensors by adjusting aperture, lengthening exposure time, applying image stabilization, and denoising. Additionally, I2R’s integrating spheres can calibrate imaging systems at low light levels sufficient for image enhancement even in very low light levels, including night time.

I2R Provides:
  • Low light level camera calibration
  • HDR technology and techniques for image restoration and enhancement
  • Predictive lighting assessment to optimize sensor settings for low light level usage
  • Image denoising and stabilization

For more information, please contact:
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