High Dynamic Range Imaging

HDR Imaging (high dynamic range) is a technique that simulates the ability to view a scene which ranges from very dark to very bright. The human eye is capable to adapt to name levels of light intensity. Cameras, however, have a fixed range depending on the image sensor used. Using multiple frames of the same scene, taken at different exposures, ISOs, or aperture sizes, images are acquired which cover different regions of the scene dynamics range. Combing these images creates a brilliant scene that reveals details in both dark & bright areas simultaneously.

  • Useful to photographers & security systems
  • Captures details missed by limited intensity range
  • Robust & adaptable for many scenarios
  • Possible with any camera

I2R Provides:

I2R provides Calibrated Engineering-Grade HDR imagery and camera systems.  Geometric and Radiometric calibration of HDR systems can be performed at our facilities.  I2R also provides HDR camera systems to fit many different needs.  Our camera systems are calibrated and tailored to handle specialized projects ranging from enthusiasts to industrial work.

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