Radiometric Triangulation

Aerial image acquisition results in a collection of frames that cannot be seamlessly integrated into a mosaic. Individual frames in a collection will vary depending on the angles of the camera, altitude, position of the sun, atmospheric interference (especially if taken at high altitude), and many other factors.

Radiometric triangulation compensates for the measurable phenomena that create differences in images. Once this correction has been made, the process will create a model to allow it to adjust each frame simultaneously to minimize the variation within an entire mosaic. The result of this process is higher quality individual frames that will seamlessly merge to form a mosaic.

I2R has developed automated software that optimizes the individual adjustments to each camera in order to create a seamless mosaic, without unwanted gradients. The final product of I2R's radiometric triangulation is a higher quality collection with consistent colors across all frames.integrated into a mosaic.

I2R Provides:

  • Automated software that will correct measurable distinctions between image and correct entire data acquisition runs into a uniform color scheme between all images
  • Functionality for both multispectral and panchromatic cameras

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