Atmospheric Correction

The image quality of aerial and satellite remote sensing systems is affected by the atmosphere.  Aerosols, water vapor, and other molecules decrease the signal measured by the sensor.

Atmospheric correction models and removes the atmosphere from remotely sensed imagery.  I2R has experience and capabilities in measurement of atmospheric effects and atmospheric modelling.  I2R can improve image quality through application of our established and verified atmospheric correction procedures.

  • Improved image quality through atmospheric correction
  • Experience with multiple atmospheric models
  • Validated atmospheric correction, with and without direct measurements of the atmosphere

I2R Provides:

  • Atmospheric correction services for aerial and satellite multispectral sensors
  • Atmospheric correction with different levels of accuracy:
    • Highest: Dedicated acquisitions with ground based measurements of atmosphere
    • Moderate: Atmospheric modelling using alternate (non-ground based) measurements of atmospheric parameters
    • Lowest: Image-based (no external measurements) atmospheric correction

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