I2R developed a precision illumination photoreactor to test the performance of photocatalytic materials for degrading organic compounds.  When activated by UV light, photocatalytic materials will oxidize organic materials into CO2 and other inert molecules. Photocatalytic materials are capable of degrading organophosphates and bacteria, and can be used for decontamination.  The I2R photoreactor, combined with a radiative transfer kinetic model, predicts the performance of photocatalytic materials under different environmental and illumination conditions.

The computer controlled photoreactor features a variable solar simulator capable of producing UV-visible illumination simulating noon through dusk; a sealed, environmentally controlled test chamber with adjustable temperature and humidity; and NIST-traceable measurements of illumination.

Potential benefits:

  • Decontamination material testing in an environmentally controlled setting
  • Photocatalytic material decontamination performance prediction in different regions at different times of year
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