Spatial Resolution

Spatial resolution determines the smallest  feature visible within a region of an image.  Although commonly defined in terms of the Ground Sample Distance (GSD), it is also strongly influenced by the Point Spread Function (PSF) or 2-D image blur and noise. Image blur is often specified as a single parameter such as  the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at the Nyquist frequency or, more simply, as Relative Edge Response (RER).

I2R offers an image quality assessment service using our Image Quality Estimation tool  -  IQETM Spatial. IQETM Spatial provides a cost effective, validated, robust method of assessing acquired image quality. It does not require special imagery acquired over predetermined targets, and is capable of accepting all standard image file formats. IQETM Spatial  has been extensively validated against industry standard methods and targets funded by NASA and DHS.

Potential users of IQETM Spatial services are sensor and image providers who want to monitor or validate in-flight performance, organizations that purchase high to moderate resolution remotely sensed imagery, software developers interested in optimizing image restoration algorithms, and intelligence agencies interested in automated NIIRS estimation.

I2R Provides:
  • Image quality determined by examining imagery acquired over urban environments that contain roads, buildings and other edge features
  • Image analyst adjusted family of software algorithms to locate high quality near-vertical and near-
    horizontal edges
  • Both Edge Response  (ER) and Modulation Transfer Fun
    n (M
    TF) determined and displayed graphically

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