Spectral Response

Spectral Response measures the amount of light sensed by a camera across the wavelength spectrum. I2R is capable of measuring 
spectral response for different wavelengths ranging from deep blue to near-infrared (~300 – ~1000 nm). As wavelength increases, the intensity 
captured by the image sensor changes. The intensity is determined by the type of sensor, whether it is multi-spectral or monochrome. Each camera image sensor has a unique response measured by calibration and affects the utility of the sensor for various applications.

  • Evaluate camera image sensor through wavelength spectrum
  • Available for multi-spectral and monochrome image sensors (300 – 1000 nm)

I2R Provides:
I2R provides spectral response measurement for camera image sensors. Each evaluation will be specific for the camera. The results will detail the efficiency of the camera through various wavelengths. The results are used with various other calibrations which allow for specific corrections for each camera, all available through I2R calibration services.

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