Flat Fielding

Not all pixels in a camera will have the same value over a constant light source. As pixels become further from the center of the focal plane there is a roll-off of the intensity, even with uniform illumination. Flat-fielding a lens is a calibration process that removes the effect of this roll-off, or vignetting, from camera output. Flat-fielding requires taking a series of images at a fixed spectral radiance in an integrating sphere over many angles to eliminate any image variation due to the sphere. The roll-off can then be measured and recorded to be removed internally in any imagery produced by the camera.

I2R Provides:
  • Individual camera calibration including measurements of roll off using integrating spheres with 5 cm to 1 m radii
  • Flat-fielding correction file that can be applied to camera imagery

For more information, please contact:
(228) 688-2570