Absolute Radiometry

Absolute radiometric calibration is a process that relates measured camera system or spectrometer values to engineering units of radiance.  Absolute radiometric calibration is achieved by imaging or measuring a uniform light source with known radiance, and developing a conversion from measured value to radiance.  I2R uses NIST-traceable calibrated spectrometers to measure source radiance.

Absolute radiometry is important for quantitative remote sensing applications that require radiance or reflectance. Camera systems that have been radiometrically calibrated have consistent color balance, and are comparable with other calibrated camera systems.

  • Produces engineering grade imagery or data using NIST-traceable sources
  • Enables time series analysis, vegetation indices and improved change detection
  • Enables sensor inter-comparison

I2R Provides:
  • NIST-traceable radiance conversion using calibrated spectrometers and integrating spheres
  • Absolute radiometry over the visible to shortwave infrared spectral region

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