Geometric Calibration

Geometric Calibration is a technique to correct distortion in an image caused by the physics of an optical lens.  The effect of the lens creates curvature throughout the scene which distorts the shapes of objects.  The distortion is unique to the lens and image sensor working together, depending on the intended use and quality of each.  Every lens has a minor distortion, even with physical lens correction.  The geometric calibration provides a method to adjust the imagery in post-processing to reshape the scene into real-world form.
  • Geometric calibration can correct different types of distortion
  • Geometric calibration provides intrinsic and extrinsic information, useful for real-world measurements
Geometric calibration also relates image coordinates to real-world coordinates, providing end-users with the
ability to accurately measure size and distance.  The corrected imagery is ideal for use in scientific and industrial
imagery where precision in detail is essential.

I2R Provides:
  • Lens and sensor testing at our facilities

The lens and image sensor can be tested at our facilities.  The calibration results in specific camera parameters
which can be applied to correct the distortion in the imagery.

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